Polygon Tree is a one-man production operated by Miguel Alexander. While working as a scientist he watched several months worth of foreign films and borrowed a camera. Working as a scientist then turned into attending art school full-time and shooting 16mm film. Attending art school then turned into running a music and arts venue for two years. He met lots of great bands there and asked to shoot a music video for one. The band liked the result which led Miguel to believe that he had the ability to pursue making videos for other bands. In 2010 he pooled his resources to purchase equipment and has since lived and worked in both Baltimore and New York City. To date he has traveled as far as Toronto, Seattle, and Los Angeles for video shoots. When not undertaking various video projects or touring with his music he can be found enjoying the moonlight from his roof deck in Brooklyn, NY.

*Miguel holds a BA Neuroscience from Johns Hopkins University and a Post-Baccalaureate degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Miguel Portrait